Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RSS Feeds

I found this exercise very interesting, but it does take a lot of time to look at the examples cited and others, and choose which feeds to add to my bloglines account. I'm not sure how useful I will find RSS feeds, but they certainly have possibilities for gathering data and especially opinions.

Some of the topics on attracted the sort of red-neck comments you hear on bad talk back sessions - the sooner I could get away from it (these were from New Zealand too) the better. On the other hand I liked the feeds that listed life stories in 6 words - they were clever and fun.

It will be good to look at my blogline site and see what marvellous tidbits it brings up in the next few weeks but for serious searching I will stick to other ways for now

Monday, August 18, 2008

Modern technology

I am not at all sure about technology - got to know the amazing abilities of the digital camera for example, and next thing it breaks down (after 3 years of use). Company explains that it only has a life of 3 years, so purchased another one. Ditto - same thing happens although it nearly made it to 4 years this time. Guess I should be grateful. My wonderful washing machine has an expected life of 8 years - I am living on borrowed time with it now. The last one endured more than 22 years of use with few grumbles.
Then there is the Internet - what wonders are out there, but how challenging to master it all! I guess I must try if I want to have any hope of keeping in touch with my children and grandchildren who speak the language- so here we are.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Flickrvision was intriguing - just guessing that the photos continually popping up on the spinning 3-D globe were new postings to the Flickrvision item, from all over the world.
These tools clearly open up new opportunities for brave people with lots of time to master them. In the meantime, if I can post another photo to this blog, I will be very happy.

Setting up this blog has been challenging - signing in to gmail, Yahoo, Flickr, Blogger and maybe more, noting all the small details needed for success. I hope it works - please, please...!

The image is by schnick,via Flickr. Thank you schnick for capturing on camera this wonderful NZ beach, which for me conveys the essence of many beach experiences in this country - the feelings of awe and isolation, the spectacular cloud formations that meet the horizon, wide spaces of clean sand and the roar of the surf.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who am I?

I know my place in the family tree - above me generations of prolific folk spread their branches, my ancestors growing in number with every new step backwards in time, until I imagine their numbers could reach the proportions of the heavens themselves. Some of their genes flow through me, shaping my being. And below me just a couple of new entries keep this root of the tree clinging to its life.

But I am also daughter, sister, wife, mother, in-law, cousin, friend, work-mate and grandmother. These links each have their own strength and they enrich me.

Things I love come both from the genetic line and from life - gardening and growing edible plants for sharing, the beauty of trees and flowers, reading, trying to keep a small footprint on the earth, writing and learning - these are part of the person I am. I also like such homely things as knitting and cooking, having friends around, playing and learning with my small grandchildren, having a coffee in the sun - in those rare moments of winter sun that take you by surprise - and walking on Auckland's lovely beaches.