Tuesday, December 15, 2009

File converters

Three cheers for file converters. I am so pleased to know that these things exist - no more having to ask a friend to convert a file to a pdf for me, or open a tricky format. I am sure some library patrons will be equally delighted. I have bookmarked some of the File converter websites for future use.

Looking at the training document on my hard drive and comparing it with Google Docs was interesting. There are some obvious differences, such as the table outline disappearing entirely in Google Docs, the font choice for the heading has changed, although the remaining content could be the same or a very similar font, and the size has changed.

On the hard drive the bullet points are arty and dramatic, whereas Google docs shows them as plain black dots. Bold and italic have remained. I feel that practice with the programme would see mastery of these differences, probably by choosing universal fonts rather than unusual, and playing with the size.

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