Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Google alerts

Alerts created were
1.New books 2009 Alexander McCall Smith
2.School curriculum Year 8 NZ
3.Steig Larsson book 4
4.Breast cancer young women

The first alert is too broad and needs refining to avoid getting older releases, and too many blogs. I will restrict the alert to news items and change the wording.
The second relates to a patron's question at work recently, but my alert has produced no useful information, and needs careful refining.
I will refine the Steig Larsson alert by converting it to a question.
I will restrict the fourth alert about young women just to news items.

Alerts could be recommended to patrons to keep in touch with new releases by favourite authors, and for those researching particular topics. I think I will set up some alerts on my home email, but will trial them a bit longer to get more experience in narrowing the scope.

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Reg said...

At present there are no plans for a book 4. Stieg's partner Eva Gabrielsson remains in possession of his laptop with around 250 pages of the beginning and end of #4, but no middle, according to what I've heard. Check for more news surrounding her ongoing legal battle to administer Stieg's literary estate.