Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google Specialist Search Engines part 2

Quite difficult to look for my topic of 'Greek island' in Time magazine as Time wasn't there (thanks for the tip about this!) I did find some articles in Life magazine, which gave me a chance to play around with the advanced search options.

The advanced search option of 'magazines' gave me a long list of magazines and I chose "Scouting". Selecting one issue of my list (limited by dates of publication) results in a page with a large photo of the cover, with a contents page. Within this issue I could search for specific topics - nothing on hypothermia, but several items on safety.

Choosing 'overview' of the magazine was also interesting, and the page brought up several thumbnails for other issues and their content pages.

This resource would certainly be helpful in locating an article about a specific topic in a specific magazine. Learning to refine the search to seek out something less specific would take a bit of practice. I think the resource is very useful and I am sure that library patrons would be pleased to know about it.

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